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Exercise Anytime, Anywhere with Waterbell


Double handled foldable, portable kettlebell. Fill it with water – up to 15kgs. Weighs .7kg when empty and folds down to fit in your backpack.


Sick of traveling and not being able to get a decent workout in? Sick of gym bills when you hardly have the time to get there? Sick of different weights & gear taking up all your space? Well I was. After 6 years of R&D, trying different materials including PVC and finally settling on Hypalon (learn about the difference here), here we are.

Presenting The Waterbell, a collapsible kettle bell that travels with you. The Waterbell folds down to fit in your backpack, weighing just .7 kg when empty and can be filled up wherever there’s water.

Flexible Kettlebell

Truly Portable Kettlebell

The flexible, water filled kettlebell that goes wherever you go. It folds down to fit your backpack and fills up anywhere there’s water. The soft design is safe for floors and feet making it the best home workout equipment

Variable Weight

Variable Weight

Fill The Waterbell to suit your intensity level from .7 to 15kgs. Use one or both handles depending on your movement and workout style. Great for improving mobility, form and recovering from injuries.

Functional Fitness

Fluid dynamics take workouts to another level. As the water moves inside the Waterbell, you engage more muscles, build a stronger core and improve balance. Get range of motion not possible with other gym equipment

Waterbell Exercises & Workouts Included, Just Add Water!

The Waterbell works fresh out the box – just add water! With your Waterbell you get access to the members area with access to 10 workouts and 60+ exercises with instructions and videos designed specifically for The Waterbell to get you started. 

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Waterbell carry bag

60+ Exercises

Exercise at home with Waterbell specific workouts not available anywhere else. Developed alongside Personal Trainers and movement coaches – the exercises are practical and improve functional fitness.

Exercises Included

Helpful Instructions

Get helpful tips and a better understanding of how and why to do the exercises with video and text instructions. Learn more about your body so you can work with it to improve form, strength and mobility.

Free NZ Shipping

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