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Getting Started

First off thank you and welcome to Waterbell. If this is your first time logging in, have a poke around. On this page you’ll find instructions to fill and empty your Waterbell, links to the Exercises and Workouts. Bookmark the page if you’d like to return quicker.

If you have any questions about your order or Waterbell, email



waterbell specific exercises


guided wherever workouts

The WaterBell comes with a hose adapter that you can connect to any hose for easy filling. You can fill it in the sink, in the shower or in the garden. Check out this video to find out more about our 60 second set up.

Step 1: Open the valve
Step 2: Attach the water hose adapter
Step 3: Use a water bottle, tap or hose to fill The Waterbell to your desired weight
(1Litre = 1Kg)
Step 4: Either remove the adapter and close the valve or
Step 5: Attach air pump with air pump adapter and fill the rest with air for better shape.
Step 6: Workout

Waterbells are manufactured using high quality white water rafting rubber, glue, stitching and polymers. All materials have been rigorously tested to ensure that the finished product is safe & durable. We’re subjected them to the elements and rough use and they’ve come through unscathed. You’re also less likely to get injured with this soft body kettlebell. Carefully read the instructions with each exercise to avoid injury. Stop if something doesn’t feel right.

Waterbells are super versatile when it comes to exercising with. Their flexible form allows you to perform a full range of complex motions that would otherwise be impossible with a regular kettle bell. You get full access to the Waterbell Starter Pack with all the exercises and workouts you’ll need. If you come up with a new exercise you think would be useful, let us know. We’ve even used the WB as a squattypotty!

When you’re done with your workout and want to pack the WaterBell away, simply attach the water adapter to the WaterBell (which automatically opens the valve) and let the water drain out. When it’s drained, simply fold the WaterBell and stow it away!