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The Waterbell

Original price was: $199.00.Current price is: $120.00.

– Workout Wherever – Just Add Water
– 700gms when empty
– Variable Weight – Up to 15kg
– Safe Kettlebell – Won’t crush your toes!
– Functional Movements like never before
– Fluid Dynamics for a stronger core
– One piece home exercise equipment to rule them all
– 60+ Exercises and 10 Workouts to get started – Included
– Binge watch Netflix AND unskip leg day


️ Sample Sale Alert! ️

We’re excited to announce a limited-time Sample Sale event, where you can indulge in significant discounts on our high-quality Waterbells. While we’re offering them at discounted prices, we want to be transparent about the reason behind it. These items are part of our sample inventory, which means they may not be 100% flawless like our regular merchandise. However, rest assured that they still meet our stringent quality standards, have been hand inspected individually and still work as expected (Our original sample is still in use 6 years on)

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