The journey to waterbell

Hi, my name is Annaliese and I am so excited to finally share Waterbell with you!

Fitness is an essential part of my life, which is something that I learnt at school. I felt tired and uncomfortable in my body, until I learnt some life hacks to create a lifelong thirst for well being instead of seeking quick fixes.

This lead me to my personal training qualifications and figuring out how to create easier ways to help people set off on their own wellness journey.

Then I took a trip to Asia.

It was important to continue my exercise regime as it made me feel fresher, healthier and able to get the best out of my traveling experience. But I really missed the strength training and unfortunately carrying my equipment in my bag wasn’t realistic.

As we rode through Laos, past the beautiful mountains and fields, I saw a number of fit men and women carrying buckets and sacks of seeds and water through the fields. This simple concept, I would later realize was the spark of inspiration I had been searching for.

My good friend was sitting next to me at the time and I got chatting about how the simple act of carrying everyday objects is something we do regularly. We went through ideas like carrying sacks of potato’s to rice to flour to water – something we could access wherever we were.

Fast forward a year, and I now use Waterbells for my boot camps and personal training clients.

I’ve been a personal trainer for almost a decade and over these years I have come across a recurring excuse/complaint – people don’t feel like they have enough time to fit in exercise or they go away on holiday and come back sluggish because they didn’t have access to any equipment.

Well…now there are no excuses.

With Waterbell, you can exercise anytime, anywhere.

Waterbell in Action

Check out some of the different ways you can use Waterbell