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Full Body

It is common for people to enjoy certain exercises or commonly use specific muscles, however this can be the cause of many injuries. Yes your larger muscles burn off more calories, however it is the small stabilizing muscles that help you lift heavier, push harder and get through a movement pattern without getting injured. This is essential to think about when planning your workouts, and is important to have a combination and balance so you can get the best out of your workouts while staying injury free. 


Remember to warm your muscles up first with some dynamic/moving stretches, and low weight before trying out heavy compound movements such as deadlifts. It is always wise to seek professional advice before trying heavy weighted compound movements if it is your first time or you have had previous injuries. If you feel pain, stop and consult a specialist before proceeding.  Most importantly build up slowly, it is a lifelong journey, not a get fit fast.

Full Body Exercises