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After you place your order you’ll get access to the ‘My Waterbell’ members area.

This includes all the info you’ll need to get started with your Waterbell. 50+ exercises, hitting all muscles for functional fitness. Soon we’ll be launching Waterbell bootcamps and more. Come along for the ride.

Waterbell closeup

Get Full Access with your Waterbell

  • Workout Wherever – Just Add Water
  • 700gms when empty
  • Variable Weight – Up to 15kg
  • Safe Kettlebell – Won’t crush your toes!
  • Functional Movements like never before
  • Fluid Dynamics for a stronger core
  • One piece home exercise equipment to rule them all
  • 60+ Exercises and 10 Workouts to get started – Included
  • Binge watch Netflix AND unskip leg day
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What’s Included:

Everything you need to get a decent workout in wherever you go, or don’t go. Squeeze a few reps in throughout the day to get results because consistency is everything. Your Waterbell will come in a carry bag with a water valve adapter to fill it with water and an air pump to top it off to get it to the desired shape. You’ll even get instant access to the members area.


Waterbell carry bag

Air Pump

waterbell air pump



kettlebell exercise program with waterbell

60+ Exercises

Get Waterbell specific workouts not available anywhere else. Developed alongside Personal Trainers and movement coaches – the exercises are practical and improve functional fitness.

kettlebell exercise program with waterbell

Video & Instructions

Get to know your body and the exercises at your own pace, anywhere you want.

Get Waterbell