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Waterbell Workouts

Get started with kettlebell workouts created by Waterbell or if you’d like to freestyle it, then check out the Waterbell exercises split up by body part. When exercising, consistency is key. You don’t have to start out at max weight, that’s the whole point of the Waterbell. Start low, the water sloshing adds degrees of difficulty when compared to standard barbells and dumbells and work it into your day – you don’t even have to leave the house, but you should.

Back Care

Workout to help with back issues

Back Blaster

Strengthen your back

Shoulder Blaster

Get stronger, mobile shoulders

Upper Body HIIT

HIIT workout for a quick, effective workout

Leg Day 1

Strengthen your base

Leg Day 2

Because you shouldn’t skip leg day

Butt Blaster

For booty like whoa

Core Blaster

Get abs and general core strength

Fullbody 1

Get a full body workout, fast

Full Body 2

Because your body doesn’t work in isolation.